Measuring Success

Success cannot be measured solely in terms of dollars and cents. Coalition Life’s success is ultimately measured in human life. Lives saved as the result of the passion and the calling forth of all of heaven’s resources through the planet-shaking, mountain-moving power of prayer. Individuals just like you who are committed to making a difference for those who cannot help themselves. Desperate young mothers who have nowhere to turn, lead in exactly the wrong direction. Your prayer along with your generous financial support make this mission possible.

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Meeting each woman’s unique obstacles.

40 Days for Life

Pray to END abortion in our community.

Sidewalk Counseling

Offering hope on the front lines.


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Abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States with an approximate 1.2 Million children losing their lives every year. The problem is sometime overwhelming and incomprehensible, but we know that “With God all things are possible.”