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Sharing stories of lives saved: Doneisha

When Doneisha learned that she was pregnant for the first time, she was afraid of what the future would hold. Her dreams and plans just didn’t seem compatible with a pregnancy, and she was unsure what a baby would mean for the rest of her life. She wanted to be responsible and make sure that her life was in order before having a child but felt like she still had so far to go. The uncertainty flooding her heart led her to seek the only option that seemed to make sense, abortion.
Through her search for an abortion Doneisha encountered Women’s Care Connect. In a time that her world seemed to be unraveling, Doneisha was able to pause and reflect on the life within her and the choices lying ahead. Again, she found herself wrestling with making a “responsible” choice, after all, her plans to attend law school would be derailed by a pregnancy. The weight of the choice and the gravity of its consequences felt crushing. As she took the time to process though her options with her Client Care Specialist, she knew that her unborn baby did nothing to deserve the fate of abortion and that for her, abortion was a cowardly answer. Even though she wanted her baby to live, she felt like she couldn’t rule out abortion as an option.
She knew that her baby did nothing to deserve the fate of abortion and she knew that, no matter how small, this was indeed her baby. Doneisha wanted her baby to live.

Seeing her options more clearly then ever, Doneisha recognized for the first time that abortion was not actually the responsible choice. As a mother, it could never be responsible to take away the life of her child. Doneisha knew what she needed to do. She began to visualize her future including her child. As she saw the future become her present, the fears of the past dissolved as the excitement of being a mother took over. When baby Demari made his arrival, Doneisha was overwhelmed with joy and knew that she made the right choice.
Today Doneisha feels like Demari is a part of her and can’t imagine not having him to love and to hold. As a mother Doneisha is committed to supporting him through a lifetime of decisions and teaching him right from wrong. Doneisha knows now that her greatest responsibility in life is to give Demari everything he needs. The strength she found within herself throughout her journey empowers her to know she can handle anything life throws at her.

“You have people in your corner. Always remember, it takes a village to raise a baby, and the village is closer than you think.” 

Your prayers and support enable us to be that village.

Darnesha, mother of Bella Skye


Abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States with an approximate 1.2 Million children losing their lives every year. The problem is sometime overwhelming and incomprehensible, but we know that “With God all things are possible.”

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