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Coalition Life has been on the sidewalk in peaceful prayer for more than 10 years in St. Louis, beginning with 40 Days for Life campaigns in 2011 and expanding to offer sidewalk counseling and life-saving options for women at all hours that abortion facilities were open. In 2022, the landmark Dobbs decision overturned the precedent set by Roe v. Wade and pushed the abortion debate back to the states. Because of the tireless work of Coalition Life and numerous other pro-life groups and legislators, Missouri became the first abortion-free state in the country just 15 minutes after the Dobbs decision was released.

Abortion will no longer take place within the state of Missouri, but women in Missouri are still seeking and obtaining abortions through huge abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, which continues to have a regional headquarters in the city of St. Louis on Forest Park Avenue. From this location, women are referred and scheduled for abortions just 10 minutes away, across the Mississippi River in Fairview Heights, IL.

The need for constant witness continues in St. Louis. Coalition Life remains committed to keeping a peaceful, prayerful presence on the sidewalk during the fall and spring 40 Days for Life campaigns to stand in opposition to the culture of death and to promote options for Missouri women.

All people of faith are invited to join us as we continue to stand for life and promote the dignity of all people, born and unborn. There is much work left to do.

40 Days for Life National Informational Video, Fall 2022

  • Join us for 40 days of peaceful prayer vigil during 40 Days for Life each fall and spring.

  • Be a part of community events that promote a culture of life and provide opportunities to live pro-life.

  • Bring friends and family for our national walk, March on the Arch, the largest pro-life march in the Midwest each spring.

  • Become an ongoing volunteer on the sidewalk in the St. Louis metro area or in our offices to help promote pro-life work in St. Louis and beyond.

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Abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States with an approximate 1.2 Million children losing their lives every year. The problem is sometime overwhelming and incomprehensible, but we know that “With God all things are possible.”