Dan, Annemarie and Rachel on the sidewalk.

Every Turnaround is Precious:

Meet Flossmoor Life Choice Associate, Dan

by Jacquelyn

Since beginning his retirement, Dan was praying for an opportunity to do Christian ministry that directly helped children. When Coalition Life expanded to Flossmoor, he  had the opportunity to meet the Director of Client Outreach and his teammate on their first days sidewalk counseling. Dan had already been involved with 40 Days for Life over the years, but was invited to do part-time work after really connecting with the crew. His heart was in this mission for the sake of his own kids, his grandchildren, and for the country. He felt God was wanting him to help out in ending abortion in this way; It was an answered prayer.

Dan has been working with Coalition Life for almost a year now. His greatest joy is helping women make the right choice, turning them around, and giving them the resource literature. His heart fills when he sees babies saved and the opportunity to love women in the right way. He knows that prayer is instrumental in the fight and so important to keep fighting on the spiritual and physical level. Prayer and work like this makes a difference in saving lives in our country and contribute to saving our country from the scourge of abortion.

Sometimes the sidewalk can be very difficult. Dan has encountered several people who are extremely adamant about promoting abortion and their hostile words have been baffling at times. Recognizing that they greatly misunderstand the sidewalk counselors, Dan recommends trying to love them and be kind to them as an effective response. 

One of the most disheartening stories he experienced was when the sidewalk counselors spoke with a woman who had gone through a chemical abortion. She saw her dead unborn baby in her own bathroom and was devastated when reality struck. The abortion facility (Planned Parenthood) did not tell her it would be like that. This woman loved her baby and gave her baby a name, but she needed so much help to recover from the lies and deception she had encountered. This type of story shows how needed the presence of sidewalk counselors are to help women who are being told so many lies today. This woman received some hope as the sidewalk counselor with Dan connected her to the post-abortion program. 

Dan’s most exciting turnaround was last April, when he was so flabbergasted by a moment of grace, he became speechless. It all happened so fast, but while the details got caught up in the excitement, the moment remained strong as a moment of pure joy! Every time he gets a turnaround, Dan takes their names to heart and adds them to his prayer list because each one is precious. 

Dan, Mary and Lauren on the sidewalk

Dan’s love for doing God’s work has been present his whole life. Personally starting a church, becoming an interim pastor for another church, and raising a family have all been major parts of Dan’s life. He loves watching others on the sidewalk as well and following their example.

His hope for the future as he continues this beautiful ministry is always to increase his learning in what to say, and to increase his love even more for the women and men whom he interacts with. He loves learning how to think on his feet and read pro-life literature about different testimonies throughout the nation to achieve these goals. 

He loves meeting all the people working together at Coalition Life as well! Everyone from those who work in different states, to those that work behind the scenes, to his own local coworkers, Dan recognizes their importance and is glad to work with them all.

We are so pleased to have Dan on the team as a true inspiration to us all. He always reminds us that the Lord is Good and is there for us! Last time the team visited Dan in Flossmoor, they watched him turn around a woman to life-affirming resources right in front of their eyes! He never misses an opportunity to connect these women to hope.