VIDEO: 40 Days for Life Still Here

Dear Friend,

The Corporate Headquarters for the midwest region of Planned Parenthood in St. Louis continues to have a busy parking lot. While we gratefully celebrate the halt to abortions at this location, Planned Parenthood has made this an epicenter to arrange abortion appointments. 

Because we know well that our presence and prayers are still greatly needed, we will host our 28th St Louis 40 Days for Life campaign as planned this fall. We are hopeful that one day they will shut down forever, but we are well aware that there are many fighting to get abortions legalized again in the state of Missouri. 

We need 40 Days for Life signups at this location! Join us to grieve the loss of thousands and thousands of children’s lives taken at this location. Join us as we rejoice that they are no longer taken here. Join us to continue to fight the evil that is still present in this building that we may see it shut down forever.


As always thank you for your support and prayers,

Brian Westbrook
Executive Director
Coalition Life
(314) 827-4039