Statement from Brian Westbrook, Executive Director of Coalition Life on the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center decision issued on June 24, 2022.



It’s a new day in the pro-life movement, as we have finally arrived at the moment we had hoped and prayed for for more than 49 long years. The Dobbs case has been decided and Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

We are gratified that the Supreme Court has rightly decided that abortion has no place in our national laws.

We are also poised for an even greater challenge.

We have seen pregnancy centers and pro-life groups come under attack over the last few weeks in anticipation of this decision. Threats of violence are real, however, we will remain committed to being there at the gates of abortion facilities to protect the unborn and meet women in need with real help and support.

Coalition Life is working behind the scenes to anticipate what is next for our movement to end abortion peacefully and prayerfully. In Missouri, the trigger law has gone into effect that outlaws abortion totally. But just a few miles away from St. Louis, in Fairview Heights Illinois, abortions may skyrocket as women travel across state lines to obtain abortions.

Our work only gets harder from here.

Planned Parenthood and their abortion allies are poised to fight even harder against God’s plan for life and His people. Abortion providers are planning big expansions in “friendly” states. The so-called Planned Parenthood logistics center, which hopes to arrange travel for women seeking an abortion, recently announced that they want to hire more people to bring women from far and wide for abortions.

We have to stay strong. We have to stay committed. We have to double down on our presence and our prayer. Women need the options and information we provide through our pregnancy center and ongoing sidewalk counseling.

For the millions of unborn children killed during the Roe years, we are offering our prayers today in remembrance of precious lives lost. And for the children at risk of abortion today, we vow to do whatever it takes to be there at the gates and give them a chance to live.